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Advancing – Not Declining – Years   Leave a comment

Listen to a replay of this live chat, Advancing – Not Declining – Years, moderated by Lesley Gort.  Lesley is a full-time Christian Science Christian Science healer and teacher.

lesley-gortIn this broad-ranging chat, Lesley speaks of “advancing years,” not as growing older but as advancing toward an understanding of life as expanding good.  This spiritual sense of life doesn’t have a “cut off date.”  She explains how we can claim our “immortality every day.”  She speaks of a section in Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as the “ageless pages”—where readers can find a rich supply of ideas about how to reject the limitations of age and progress spiritually.

Lesley responds to questions about failing eyesight and poor hearing, dread of looking “old,” fear of death, the feeling that older people will inevitably need medical services.   She also provides spiritual insights for individuals who are interacting with older friends and relatives.  She responds to questions about dealing with fears regarding a relative’s physical and mental health and offers thoughts for those who have a very active older relative and want to know how best to support that individual’s lifestyle.  Click here to listen.

Defeating the Challenge of Aging   Leave a comment

concertSentinel Radio Chat with Rob Gilbert.

Click here to listen to a recording of this live chat, Defeating the Challenge of Aging, with Rob Gilbert.  Rob is a full-time Christian Science healer and teacher.

Rob begins by pointing out that the general view of aging is growth, maturity, and decay, but that Mary Baker Eddy takes an entirely different view. In Science and Health she wrote, “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love” (p. 66). He says, “That’s what we have to look forward to,” not aging and decline.

He responds to questions about how to get people to stop judging one by one’s age, especially in relation to employment, feelings of loneliness, bitterness over the past, physical challenges such as decreased mobility, potential memory loss, and diabetes. He also addresses how to pray about the influence of heredity and other age-related conditions.

A Timeless Beauty   1 comment

Scan 24I was looking at an old black and white photo of my mum the other day. I guess she would have been in her early twenties so it was probably taken about 70 years ago. My mum was quite a beautiful lady and as a young woman she was very lovely. She had a special grace about her that made you want to look longer.

I began to think, if she was around today looking like that you would still have to say she was beautiful, but she wouldn’t fit today’s standards of beauty. Her skin was whiter, her body fleshier, her hair contrived into curls and she wore a pretty frock. This set me to thinking about what beauty really is. In each era fashion seems to give us strict dictates as to what the ideal look is – how tanned our skin should be, how lean our body, even the shape of our eye-brows. If we are not careful this can lead to a sense of striving for the impossible – not many of us fit that ideal model. So does this mean that we are not beautiful?

The qualities people saw in my mother  – intelligence, calmness and strength in the face of trouble, joy at the little things, devotion to family and friends, innocence, resilience, energy – these qualities shone out of her right to the last. They were the qualities that people mentioned when they commented on how lovely my mother was. They didn’t mention her physical appearance. They mentioned qualities they saw. Mary Baker Eddy, one of the first women to investigate thoroughly the connection between consciousness and experience, writes in her textbook, Science and Health: Beauty, as well as truth, is eternal; but the beauty of material things passes away, fading and fleeting as mortal belief. … Comeliness and grace are independent of matter (p247).

She goes on to say:

All beauty and goodness are in and of Mind, emanating from God; but when we change the nature of beauty and goodness from Mind to matter, the beauty is marred, through a false conception, and, to the material senses, evil takes the place of good  (Rudimental Divine Science p6).

Perhaps if we put as much thought and effort into developing these beautiful qualities of Mind as we do our outward appearance our beauty would be less ephemeral and grow and blossom with the passing years.

This post was submitted by Deborah Packer of Canberra.

Weight Loss Though Prayer   Leave a comment

shutterstock_124859764Ever since elementary school, I’d been preoccupied with food and my weight, and this had cast a shadow on my life. It was difficult for me to eat anything without first estimating its caloric content, and then either feeling virtuous or guilty as I consumed it. Yet I was still overweight, and my pudgy appearance made me miserable.  …

… …

…  The freedom I feel now is incredible. …  I stopped classifying myself as someone with a weight problem who needed to diet. I began to recognize my right to normality as a child of God, and as a result, I lost weight. Even better, I discovered that the happiness I thought would come only with slimness was mine all along, simply as a child of God.

The complete text of this article by Melanie A. Wahlberg can be read by clicking this link to JHS-online.  In it she describes the spiritualization of thought that brought about this permanent healing.

What Really Needs Losing?   Leave a comment

There are some things that diets just can’t do.

shutterstock_125803505Commercials are continually advertising weight-loss products. But the ongoing demand for new ones suggests that they may not be all that effective. …

…While I was growing up, I always felt a little overweight—not very attractive, and not as athletic as my peers. I also felt unable to moderate my eating habits and often over-indulged. …

… I’d often felt before, that dieting required denial. But refusing to accept a view of myself as helpless, material—going on a kind of “spiritual diet”—did not deny me anything good. Rather, it helped me find more of it in my life.

The full text of this article can be read on JHS-online by clicking this link.  In it the author talks in detail about how her thought and life were transformed.

The Biggest Revelation of My Life – My Road to Freedom From an Eating Disorder   Leave a comment

$ dreamstime_594239

While I’d never considered myself a vain person, I was a dancer, and I’d unknowingly allowed negative aspects of the dance world to change the way I viewed myself. I felt powerful controlling my weight and seeing my body get thinner. My weight loss over those past few months had been dramatic, but I was in denial. I was confused about living and eating normally. What I thought was “slim and healthy” really pointed to a dangerous lifestyle. I felt empty, always searching for that elusive “enough.” It was if I’d swum out too far in the ocean and couldn’t tread water much longer …

Read the full text of this article, The Biggest Revelation of My Life, by Sarah Matusek where she describes how she overcame a severe eating disorder through spiritualization of thought which led to an awakening to her true spiritual identity.

Breaking the Hypnotic Grip of Weight Loss   Leave a comment

shutterstock_125579528During the last years of high school I started looking and feeling rather plump. Body weight, food, diets, exercise plans, and counting calories were popular topics, and I tended to follow the crowd because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do and be.

Now that I look back on all the talk about the body and diets at the time, I realize that this is what weighed heavily on my thought and made me feel fat. …

…  …

… By the end of college, I no longer talked about my weight. With no interest on my part, there was no attraction to this sort of conversation. My weight normalized and no longer fluctuated, with no overeating or undereating.

The full text of this article by Cheryl F. M. Petersen can be read on JHS-online by clicking the link.  In it Cheryl describes her spiritual growth that led to this new understanding of herself and her permanent release from worry about weight.

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