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Prayer and Watching the News   Leave a comment

A talk with Mary Trammel, a Christian Science healer and teacher.


Instead of turning off distressing news, we can pray. Mary offers ideas that will help us help the world.

Click here to listen to this 20 minute podcast.

Is It Possible to Change the World for the Better?   Leave a comment

In a world of increasing tensions, where solutions can be hard to come by, and instability is often the norm, it might seem that there’s very little an individual can do to make things better. At every turn, it seems we’re up against circumstances, or people, beyond our control. But in this interview the guests talk about how they have found that a turnaround for the better is neither unlikely nor unusual, when problems are approached from a spiritual standpoint. Hear how troubling situations were reversed and resolved through the power of God.

Click here to hear this fascinating 25 minute discussion with guests: Riley Seay, Kathryn Jones Dunton, Nathan A. Talbot. This program is part of the Sentinel Radio series produced by the Christian Science Publishing Society.

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