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The Value of Stillness   Leave a comment

A Daily Lift by Mary Beattie of Canberra. Mary is a full-time Christian Science practitioner and teacher.



In this short podcast Mary reminds us of the value of taking quiet time to draw close to God and find the peace of a spiritual perspective.

Injured Leg Healed   1 comment


A member of the Christian Science community in Canberra offered this account:

A couple of weeks ago I came home from shopping to find that our small dog, Tess, was unable to use her back left leg and it hung awkwardly when she tried to walk.  I took her out into the garden to see if she might be persuaded to stretch it out and use it but she wasn’t able to. 

I carried her inside and together we sat on my bed and I turned silently to God.  I was brought up in Christian Science and I have witnessed many healings of both animals and family members and I knew that this was a quick and effective way to meet this need.  However, as I sat with her it became very difficult not to be alarmed by the material picture.  She seemed to be in so much pain that she was vomiting and just couldn’t settle.  I knew that I would not let her remain in this situation and the thought kept coming to me that I should take her to the vet.  She seemed so tiny and defenceless and my heart went out to her. 

Through experience I also know that prayer in Christian Science gives quick results with no waiting and no side-effects.  If this was the case then controlling my thought and handling the situation through prayer was the kindest course of action.  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is the textbook of Christian Science and in it Mary Baker Eddy, the author, advises:

Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and
immortality. Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these
into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.

I determined to look away from the material picture and ask God what I should know about this.  The inspirations came.  I knew that there is more to life than the body – that all life is God expressed and God is Spirit which is never damaged, is never vulnerable.  As I thought on these and other ideas I found my peace and Tess began to calm.  Shortly, it felt right to get on with the evening chores.  When I stood up to leave the room Tess jumped off the bed and followed me.  She was trotting along using all four legs easily.  During the night and the next day I watched her racing around and playing happily.  There was no trace of any difficulty.  I am very grateful for all I am learning through the continued study of Christian Science.

The Advantage of Putting God First   Leave a comment


A member of the Christian Science community in Canberra shared his thoughts on how Christian Science helps him:

Recently I have found myself being very busy trying to achieve the many goals I have set myself.  These tasks seemed important and usually came with deadlines.  In doing this I have realised that I have let go of my usual focus on spiritual development.  As a Christian Scientist there is a commitment to the daily prayer (Church Manual p41):

Thy kingdom come

Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin

And may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind

And govern them

I found that I had almost just been saying the words to the daily prayer, for example, without really having a full commitment to it. I had been studying the Daily Bible Lesson but not with the same degree of commitment or focus as a result of this busy work. I had foregone the focus and commitment to developing spiritually and instead had been focusing on getting this busy work done. The busy work itself had taken over my attention.

Even the busy work – those little goals – weren’t being achieved with the same degree of freedom, the same degree of perfection, I had previously been able to achieve. When I had taken a more spiritual or a more focused attention to the spiritual side of my life there didn’t appear to be such a focus on busy work or human activity, and the busy work didn’t seem so difficult.

In my commitment to Christian Science there is the understanding it is more than just the Daily Prayer or doing the Daily Bible Lesson. It is a commitment to a way of living and that way of living has an impact on what happens. In her textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes (p423):

The Christian Scientist, understanding scientifically that all is Mind, commences with mental causation, the truth of being, to destroy the error. This corrective is an alterative, reaching to every part of the human system. According to Scripture, it searches “the joints and marrow,” and it restores the harmony of man.

The inharmony on display because of the busy work had been brought about by my neglect of the spiritual recognition that all is brought about by mental causation.  I had to remember to trust God to give me the order of work – He knew what was important and what needed to be done in what order. It was necessary to find that quiet mental place to pray; to silence the material senses and intrusive noises. Once again I turned to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, where Mary Baker Eddy writes (p15):

In order to pray aright, we must enter into the closet and shut the door. We must close the lips and silence the material senses. In the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings, we must deny sin and plead God’s allness. We must resolve to take up the cross, and go forth with honest hearts to work and watch for wisdom, Truth, and Love. We must “pray without ceasing.” Such prayer is answered, in so far as we put our desires into practice. The Master’s injunction is, that we pray in secret and let our lives attest our sincerity.

I shall be forever grateful for Christian Science.  The study of Christian Science and application to my life has allowed me to make significant long lasting and beneficial changes to my way of thinking and living. Christian Science is to me, an applied, practical science that can be used everyday in one’s life.  The application of Christian Science in this instance has allowed me to be free from the constraints of ‘busyness’ and to be much more productive both materially and spiritually.

Facing Down Negative Self-Talk   1 comment

A Daily Lift by Bobby Lewis, a Christian Science practitioner.



In this brief podcast Bobby describes how he recognised the negative self-talk that came to him – and all of us at times – and how he countered this by affirming his true nature as a child of God.

A Prayer for Small Children   1 comment

Burnt Hand Healed   Leave a comment


A member of the Christian Science community in Canberra submitted this testimony of healing:

I would like to share a healing that I had some years ago that has continued to bless me.

On this particular night, I had washed the removable covers from my lounge suite and spent about three hours ironing the damp fabric before refitting them to the lounge.  I had the iron on the hottest setting in an effort to smooth the creases out of the heavy damp linen.  By midnight I still had the covers from one chair to do so I decided to leave the ironing board set up so I could finish in the morning.  I turned the iron off and then the overhead light nearest to me.  This, however, was the only light that was on and I needed to walk back across the dark room.  I put my hand out to make sure I didn’t knock the ironing board over but instead put the full palm of my hand on the hot plate of the iron.  The pain was immediate and intense.

I had been brought up in Christian Science and had learnt that not looking at an injury helped to allay the fear.  I readied for bed without turning lights on and without using that hand.  I lay in bed with my hand hanging over the side of the bed unable to sleep and feeling overcome with the pain.  Although I thought of myself as a Christian Scientist at this time, I really didn’t live a Christian Science life.  I didn’t study and I really didn’t know how to pray.  I lay in bed feeling totally miserable.  I had taken on this task of washing the covers to distract myself from the sadness and loneliness that seemed to pervade my life at that time.  I was recently divorced, I had started a new job which I was finding extremely difficult and stressful, and I was living a couple of hours drive from my parents and friends in a part of the city that socially was very foreign to me.  Now I was in pain and feeling totally miserable.

I had been taught that God was Love and that this Love was a law that I could rely on.  I didn’t really understand this at this time but in my desperation I turned to this God with a simple:  Please help!  Almost immediately I felt calm.  Somehow I felt a sense of being loved and that all was well.  This warm gentle feeling enveloped me and I fell peacefully asleep.  When I woke in the morning there was not a single trace of the burn – no pain and not a mark on my hand.  I was very grateful and a little surprised.  God’s help was so immediate; I felt looked after.

After this, two things happened.  The sadness and loneliness dissipated.  I learned to rely more on God and came to think of Him/Her as my constant companion – as a guide when things seemed tough.  Also since then there have been several occasions when I have inadvertently handled hot things like baking dishes coming out of the oven.  Each time I have remembered this first healing and the fear of the burn has left and I have had no pain and no blistering or hurt.  Nowadays, although I am not foolish around hot things, if I do come into contact with a hot surface I tell myself:  ‘I don’t do burns!’ and that is the end of the matter.  I am so grateful for what I am learning in Christian Science.

Knowing God as Mother   1 comment

The Mother Love that heals

Spiritual love makes us conscious of our oneness with God and of the health, holiness, and life it brings.

This article by Janet Clements was published in the May 8 2023 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel. She writes:

One spring, robins nested on the ledge of our porch. We watched mother-love in action as the mama robin built the nest and hovered over her eggs. Then, after they hatched, she and the father bird both provided food, defended their young from intruders, and taught the fledglings to fly. That relationship of mother, father, and nestlings guaranteed all the care needed for their well-being. While this type of bi-parental care is common in most bird species, in 95 percent of mammal species, the female is the sole caregiver for the young. Across the wide diversity of life on our planet, it is inspiring to see the vital role of mother-love. 

All love has its source in God, the one Father-Mother whose whole universe is the creative self-expression of perfect Love. This creation is entirely spiritual and without a single harmful element. Not only is Love the source of all creation, but it is also the mothering force that is the Life that rules the universe, graciously sustaining and tenderly cherishing all Her own, forever. 

Click here to continue reading, or to listen to this article. Janet describes how a painful condition was healed when she recognised the Love that is God is always present and tenderly mothering us.

Unearned Love   Leave a comment

A Daily Lift by Laura Remmerde.


In this brief podcast Laura talks about how a spontaneous act of kindness from a young boy reminded her of God’s great, unconditional love for all His children.

The Love That is God   Leave a comment


God is Love.

(The Bible – I John 4: 8)

Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.

(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy p454: 18-19)

Healing Anger and Hate   Leave a comment

An interview with George Nutwell and Carlos Machado



Have you ever thought that meekness might be an antidote to violence? This week’s guest, George Nutwell, has come to realize that the kind of meekness Jesus lived was the strength by which he defeated and overcame violence. Listen in as George shares with host Tony Lobl how we can live this meekness, too.


Hear George share highlights of this talk in a Daily Lift interview titled: I Forgive You and I Love You.

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