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A Grandmother Prays for Her Grandson   Leave a comment


shutterstock_119909440As I played with my grandchildren one day, they were showing me their new toys just recently acquired at Christmas. At one point, my grandson began fishing around under the couch, vigorously looking for something. He found it. It was his prized “Thomas the Tank Engine” ball. He smiled a big smile, bounced it around and then stopped in the middle of the floor looking at me with his big blue eyes, his head cocked to one side and the sweetest expression on his little face. He looked at me and said, “Grammy,” with so much love.

It was one of those moments one never forgets, permanently imbedded in the thought and written on the heart. I could not help but feel such gratitude at that moment, gratitude to God and for the understanding gained through my practice of Christian Science to be able to share this moment with him.

It took me back to two and a half years earlier when my daughter called me while I was at work. She was in frantic tears, telling me that she was pregnant with this little boy and that the doctor had sent her home telling her the pregnancy would terminate within the next three days. He said her body was unable to support a pregnancy at that time.

After I was able to calm her down, we talked. …

To read how this mother reasoned with her daughter and how they prayed about the pregnancy click here and read the full article:  Praying for My Grandson by Lynne Scheiern .  This article was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.

Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy and Childbirth   Leave a comment


shutterstock_123096175Anticipating the arrival of a baby is such a happy time for expectant parents. And frankly, I’ve always been grateful that you have about nine months to prepare!

With each of our three children, I used those months to study and pray in order to welcome them into our lives. I also worked with a Christian Science practitioner, who supported my prayers and offered guidance along the way, as well as specific prayer-based treatment for any issues that came up.

Understanding metaphysical concepts related to pregnancy and childbirth is an important exercise for any spiritual thinker, whether mother or father, grandparent, adoptive parent, or even someone who isn’t ever planning to have children. Considering birth from a spiritual perspective opens thought to God’s grand creation, preparing us for newness, vitality, and a fuller understanding of God as divine Life—as our only creator.  Read on …

Click here to read the full text of this article, Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy and Childbirth  by Ingrid Peschke.  It was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel and is now available on JHS-online.

A Normal Pregnancy   Leave a comment

10999095_10203698134286147_529720653179037855_n[1]We have recently had a beautiful baby girl. Our whole pregnancy and birth was summed up by one of the midwives as being ‘refreshingly normal’; nothing unexpected, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing unpredicted just easy and simple and normal.

I was bought up in Christian Science. It is normal for me to pray whenever I feel scared, hurt or whelmed by a situation and having a baby definitely fell into the overwhelming category. I have never been maternal and have never really thought seriously about being a parent, but my husband was ready and if there was ever anyone I wanted to have a baby with, it’s him. So I started praying to know that Life isn’t a product of mortal interaction. Life is a synonym of God. Life is from God and as such I don’t have the power to do a bad job of parenting.

I can’t say I was completely comfortable yet with the idea of being parental, but the terror the idea initially filled me with had receded. When we found out we were pregnant the last residual fears left me. I’m deeply fortunate that my mum is a Christian Science Practitioner. Through prayer she helped shield me from all the insidious fears that try and bombard pregnant women; she reminded me constantly that my little baby was a reflection of God, a perfectly developed, complete reflection of Life and Love. I could suffer no ill effects from such a blessing – and the pregnancy was a blessing. All symptoms of morning sickness ceased almost as soon as they started, I didn’t feel exhausted, I wasn’t moody or emotional; at all my checkups the midwives found me and my baby to be healthy and growing at the perfect rate. I was fit enough to keep working, right up until the office closed for Christmas (I was due in early January), and my hair was extra shiny!

I was often told by friends how lucky I’d been with my pregnancy. It’s not lucky, it’s normal. It is normal to be happy, to be healthy, it’s normal to be blessed every day by God’s Love.

By the time I was 8 months pregnant my fears of being a bad mother, of being unable to raise my child well had dissipated. God is Father Mother, not me and my husband. The only fears that remained were my waters breaking in the supermarket and the pain of labour (and having to do it with no pants on). So I kept praying about these too. I found at the root of these seemingly superficial fears I was afraid of losing my dignity; that I would be overwhelmed by the physical process of giving birth. I reasoned that if my baby was a perfect reflection of God’s Love and Life, then so was I. After caring for me so long God would not abandon me at the final hurdle.

Labour was short, uncomplicated and I did not forgot my please and thank-yous once! My waters broke at the hospital (not at the supermarket) and I kept my pants on right until the end, and then I didn’t really care. Our little girl is perfect.

I’ve kept praying about what is normal since we came home too.  Normal is peaceful, harmonious, and joyous. It is not distress, sleepless nights, or the baby blues. In those first few days where doctors and nurses tell you to expect exhaustion, unsettledness and hormonal tidal waves, I prayed fiercely, I would not accept these predictions of disharmony.  The first few nights we were home I read the Mothers Evening Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy (from the Christian Science Hymnal 207), the second verse resonated strongly:

Love is our refuge; only with mine eye / Can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall: / His habitation high is here, and nigh, / His arm encircles me, and mine and all.”

I read this over and over until I felt calm, and the fear of having a newborn subsided.

Our child has, from the start, been a good sleeper. Neither my husband nor I have suffered sleepless nights and she is a happy, tolerant, calm, peaceful baby. None of the scary predictions have lingered, because divine Love is omnipotent, a Father Mother’s Love could never allow their child to suffer distress or pain, and hasn’t.

Our home is a happy one, and we are so grateful for having Jacqueline come into it.

This article was shared by Alex Tabor who lives in Tasmania, Australia.

Pregnancy and Childbirth – Audio Chat   Leave a comment

$ dreamstime_5446849Click here to listen to this live audio chat with Sarah Hyatt, a Christian Science healer and teacher.

In this program Sarah begins by quoting the first line of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.”  Sarah points out that the word big is a euphemism for pregnant, so we can expect our days to be pregnant with blessings when we’re leaning on God.  She goes on to explain how this applies to childbearing and shows the possibilities of being fruitful, fertile, and not limited by material circumstances.

She answers questions such as, How can I think of conception as spiritual, when it seems like such a material process?  How does one remove the fears of parenthood, before the child arrives?  How can I specifically pray about the pain that comes with contractions?  How can I overcome the fear that my child will have deformities?  And how do Christian Scientists handle the non-use of medication during childbirth?

Sarah explains how turning to God every step of the way overcomes fear and pain, while it also opens the way for the joyful birth of the new child.


Pregnancy and Childbirth: Spiritual Preparation   Leave a comment

$ chinese baby… Becoming a parent is a wonderful opportunity to express unselfed love, discipline, order, purity, innocence, and most of all, to grow spiritually.  The other day as I was watching our daughter standing on the grass, gently rocking back and forth while digging in her toes to maintain her balance, I saw these first few steps of independence as a reminder that God is her Father and Mother and that she will be constantly upheld by her creator.

In this article, Pregnancy and Childbirth: Spiritual Preparation, Pamela Lishin Jones explains how she grew to understand pregnancy and parenting from a spiritual perspective and how this new understanding brought peace, health and harmony.  Originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel, it can now be accessed on JHS-online.  Click here to read the full article.

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