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Red Wine No Special Properties, but Spirituality Health-Promoting   Leave a comment

shutterstock_172479914 (1)Recently the Courier-Mail ran a story (Red repudiated to the last drop) quoting the national Alcohol Policy Coalition as challenging the ‘myth’ of the health benefits of drinking alcohol, and in particular red wine.

The chief executive of the Victorian Heart Foundation, Kathy Bell, said it did not recommend red wine or other alcoholic drinks to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease, cancer or liver cirrhosis.  “After reviewing all the scientific evidence, it appears any positive effects of alcohol in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease have been hugely overestimated,” she said. “In particular, red wine has no special protective qualities.” The coalition cites studies finding that the harms from alcohol are likely to outweigh any benefits.

Some people may be thinking that these sorts of results from current scientific research are slowly chipping away at hope of ever finding that ‘miracle’ chemical or food. And some who had supreme confidence in the revolutionary discoveries of science may also be feeling disappointed, as contradictory research findings about foods abound. While the use of alcohol can never be beneficial (from either a health or behavioural perspective), a normal healthy and balanced diet would seem to make sense.

Around 2,000 years ago Christ Jesus healed the sick without the use of hygiene or promoting the health-giving properties of food or drink. In direct contradiction to the standard practice of the Jews at that time, he told his disciples and the hundreds of bystanders “I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink;” (Luke 12:22)

But he didn’t leave it there. He suggested that they and we need to seek a more spiritual view (he called it the ‘kingdom of God’ where cooperation, gentleness, forgiveness and patience are demonstrated), and then we’d be assured of consistent and continuous provision of health.

I’ve found this realisation life-transforming through my study and practice of Christian Science; although at times, I must admit that I’ve felt a bit lonely holding these views and my change to better behaviours has often taken quite a bit of effort.

But now I find that scientific research is supporting these efforts, as discoveries are being published daily that show that spiritual qualities like forgiveness, hope, gratitude and optimism are what are really health-promoting. Check out this report on The ConversationBitterness makes the heart grow sicker.

Hey, it could be worth exchanging an intense focus on what you eat and drink to thinking more on the qualities of thought that promote health.

This article is by Kay Stroud. Kay is a health writer focussing on the leading edge of consciousness, spirituality and health. Contact her to learn more about it, including Christian Science, via

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