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On God and Government   3 comments

DSCN1018In this technological world there is much discussion about whether there actually is a god, and if there is, is He – or She – of any relevance to us today?  To me this kind of discussion indicates not intellectual rigour, but simply a misapprehension of the nature of God.   God is not remote nor is God confined to a particular denomination.   God is Love.   And Love is universal; accessible to all, even atheists!   Every time we witness an act of love – of affection, of kindness, of generosity, of forgiveness, of loyalty, of compassion … a warm smile, we are witnessing God in action.   When we express these qualities we are ourselves expressing God.   Nothing can be nearer than Love expressed.

Christian Science also teaches me that another synonym for God is Principle.   Principle is expressed in honesty, in high standards of speech and action, in law abiding behaviour, in honour, in steadfastness to truth.   Again when we see these qualities expressed in ourselves and others we are seeing God in action.

Current practice may seek to remove religion from politics, but we would argue that it is impossible to separate God from government.   For what use would a government be if it did not love its community?  What use would a government be that did not act according to the highest standards of principle?

It is our prayer that we as a community might witness more of the qualities of God – Love, Principle, Truth, intelligence – expressed by those chosen to represent us in government.  Then regardless of sect or creed or denomination we are all truly under God’s government.

This blog item was originally given as a brief speech, by Deborah Packer, First Reader (2010-2013) of the Christian Science Church in Canberra as part of the Interfaith service held to mark the beginning of the ACT Legislative Assembly’s sitting year.

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