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The February 24, 2022 edition of the weekly Christian Science Sentinel features an article by Jeannie Ferber who describes how she is praying about situations of conflict and war. In her prayers she takes inspiration from Bible stories where similar situations were averted and harmony restored. She also takes courage from the personal stories of friends who have been caught up in war zones. In describing one of these situations she writes:

The destruction all around my friend was so extreme that a mortal, material sense of life began to lose its meaning. As must always be the case, the greater any discord seems to become, rather than actually becoming more real, it begins to lose its legitimacy. In the midst of all the destruction, when my friend felt an irrepressible sense of life, he knew that what he was feeling could only be of God. 

Click here to read the full article in which Jeannie shares the spiritual reasoning that brought her peace.

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