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dreamstime_355292A Christian Science perspective:  The promise of Christ isn’t just for Christmastime

by Susan Kerr

A loved Christmas carol reminds me of one of my favorite messages – the message of God’s tender love for us all, which is not just for Christmas, but brings healing and inspiration year-round.

The carol starts out by mentioning the stillness of the “little town of Bethlehem,” and there’s a quiet awe that comes through.  One version of this carol ends:  “Where meekness will receive him, still / The dear Christ enters in” (Phillips Brooks, Christian Science Hymnal No. 222).

To me, this is both a prayer and a promise.  When we’re meek and receptive, we can feel that message of the Christ showing us God’s tender love, which Christ Jesus so fully expressed.  It comes to our thought and uplifts us.  And this isn’t just true for a few; all have the opportunity to avail themselves of this great gift of the Christ.

How do we “unwrap” this gift through meekness?  Read more

This article, A Year-Round Prayer and Promise, was originally published in the Christian Science Monitor.  In it Susan talks about how adopting an attitude of meekness opens thinking to new ideas and blessings.

Easter—Lives Renewed and Restored – Sentinel Radio Program   Leave a comment

shutterstock_71878834Easter celebrates Jesus’ remarkable resurrection. But what may not always come to thought is the profound, practical meaning of that event for each of us today. The resurrection shows that our true existence is spiritual and indestructible and that God is the only genuine power. Each day brings the possibility of restoration and renewal, in both small and larger ways, through a growing perception of this truth.

Hear about the significance of the Easter message and what it can bring to your life.

Click here to listen to this 30 minute radio program.

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