A Person of Integrity   1 comment

The upright man is guided by a fixed Principle, which destines him to do nothing but what is honorable, and to abhor whatever is base or unworthy; hence we find him ever the same, — at all times the trusty friend, the affectionate relative, the conscientious man of business, the pious worker, the public-spirited citizen.

He assumes no borrowed appearance. He seeks no mask to cover him, for he acts no studied part; but he is indeed what he appears to be, — full of truth, candor, and humanity. In all his pursuits, he knows no reproachable means. He never shows us a smiling countenance while he meditates evil against us in his heart. We shall never find one part of his character at variance with another.

(Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 by Mary Baker Eddy p147:19)

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  1. Lost for words. Written 1883-1886 – one wonders whether she was thinking of Jesus the man, or making a general statement applicable to anyone. Perhaps a few global ‘leaders’ (and ex-leaders) could be prompted to read and engage with the ideas.

    Thank you for this, and I certainly hope it is shared far and wide.

    This makes one a little introspective and ask ‘Where do I fit against such criteria?’.

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