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The members of the Christian Science community in Canberra share their experiences and thoughts on Christian Science:

I grew up in Zimbabwe, and when I was 10 years old started boarding school. I found moving between the boarding hostel and home unsettling, and for many years struggled with the concept of home. Wherever I lived, I wanted to (or thought I should) be living somewhere else. I lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and Australia and spent time travelling in other countries, but never felt settled and this really bothered me.

In 1985 I moved to Australia and in 1992 was posted by the Australian Government to Zimbabwe. At the end of my posting, I was strongly drawn to living in South Africa where I had strong family ties and had studied and worked for a few years.

When I moved to South Africa, I thought I had found my place. But, after about ten years when things weren’t working out because it was difficult to find employment, the restless feelings that I should be living somewhere else returned. I started praying to know that home is not a material location or physical structure, but a state of mind in which we are at one with God – at home and in our right place all the time wherever we are. As Paul says, “For in him, we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17: 28). 

Browsing in my local Christian Science Reading Room one day, I came across a pamphlet called PLACE. It has four lovely articles from past Christian Science Sentinels and Journals around being in our right place, home and employment – drawing from the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and her other writings. They were all really helpful.

Then one evening while out walking my dogs, the idea came clearly that I should apply for jobs outside South Africa. Over the next few weeks I applied for jobs in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. I was offered three interviews, and then positions in the Middle East and Australia. I prayed to know which to accept, and it came to me clearly to accept the job in Australia.  As with all these kinds of decisions – when it is right, there is an incredible and indescribable feeling of peace.

A few months later when I landed back in Australia, I felt I had returned home. That feeling of being at HOME and in my right place has never left me since then. I have had no feelings of restlessness or that I should be living somewhere else.

I am very grateful for being led through Christian Science to an improved understanding of HOME and for the lovely way this has been manifested in my experience.

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