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The Christian Science Church – a part of the Canberra community.  Members share testimonies and talk about their lives as Christian Scientists. 

shutterstock_85436266David, who is a member of the Christian Science Church in Canberra, talks about how he found Christian Science through listening to the radio. The program he heard was broadcast as The Truth That Heals.  It is currently aired each week as The Christian Science Sentinel Radio Program.  It can be heard in Canberra every Wednesday at 1.00 pm on 1125 AM radio or accessed online at Sentinel Radio.

This is David’s story which he calls  My Introduction to Christian Science.

In 1972 I owned and operated a milk run on my own.  Deliveries were 7 days a week, beginning at 7 pm.  Working alone it took me until 1 o’clock or sometimes 2 o’clock in the morning to finish.

I used to keep a radio going in the milk truck that I would listen to when moving along or when stopping to record what had been delivered house to house.

One Sunday when I was recording the deliveries I heard the end of a radio program which finished off by saying it was a Christian Science broadcast called The Truth That Heals.  Although I had not been giving full attention to the radio, I realized that they had been talking about something I wanted to hear more of.

Next Sunday I was waiting for the program and listened for the whole half hour, and from then on every Sunday.  That was something I would never have done prior to hearing this radio program.  Delivering 7 days a week was physically demanding to say the least.  I just wanted to finish and get home to rest, and not to be listening to the radio.

Because the program was recorded in Boston USA, I thought it must be a totally American religion, but that there may be a church somewhere in Australia.  The first place to look, I thought, would be the phone book. There I found a church right here in Canberra.

My gratitude for the teachings grows day by day as I study the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, together with the Bible, and I still sometimes listen to the radio program.

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