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‘Senior Moments’? or Moments with God   Leave a comment

shutterstock_93062632“Oh dear,” said my friend, “I just can’t remember the woman’s name. It’s so annoying to be losing one’s memory.” She’s not the only one who is troubled by such lapses in memory. Many people feel concerned by the commonly accepted view that the ability to recall information diminishes as one ages, that it can be lost entirely through disease, or that some people are just born with poor memories.

If a person believes that the ability to recall names or details can be threatened by any or all of these scenarios, then the fear of losing one’s memory may seem understandable. But this isn’t actually something anyone has to accept.  Read more …

This article, Senior Moments? Or Moments with God, by Beverly Goldsmith was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available on JHS-online.  Beverly is a Melbourne-based health writer who provides a diversity of health content on how spirituality and thought affect health.

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