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There is a Higher Law   1 comment

By Charlene Anne Miller

From the March 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

As I sat in my attorney’s office, he stated that the ultimate outcome of my case depended solely on which judge I was assigned. The judge’s personal bias would either undermine or help my case. But as he spoke, a spiritual intuition firmly overrode his opinion with conviction and authority. I heard through spiritual sense, almost as clearly as if someone present had spoken, “There is a higher law!”

Many of us have experienced difficulties that challenge our faith in justice. Through my very modest experience, I discovered that justice results from acknowledging and applying the higher spiritual law, God’s ever-present law of harmony, to our situation. Then we find that no person or circumstance can thwart justice, because we understand that all power rests on the side of God, good. In fact, justice and mercy are attributes of God.

Click here to read the complete article by Charlene where she describes the thought processes and inspirations that led her to understand and trust that ultimately there is a higher law that is governing all human affairs.

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