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Universal Love: Roadmap to a Less Violent World   Leave a comment

by Chet Manchester


Recent mass shootings and other violent events around the world have left countless people once again feeling helpless and vulnerable. There’s an immediate and heartfelt desire within many, including me, to pray for the victims of such crimes. How can we pray in a way that severs the very roots of violence? What can help preempt more violence? And how can we cultivate a totally different way of thinking and living?

The roots of violent acts are, in essence, violent thoughts. Long before a trigger is pulled and bullets are fired, angry and hateful thoughts and feelings knock at the door of individual consciousness. …

… Most of us shut and lock the doors of our homes, especially at night. In the same way, we can each be alert to our thoughts and refuse to let anything enter that does not align with Love, God. In this way, we will begin to effectively arrest evil thoughts and intentions before they can operate.


Click here to read or listen to the complete article which was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel. In it Chet talks about how the thoughts of each individual impact on the sense of peace and wellbeing we experience.

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