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Prayer: A powerful resource now and anytime   Leave a comment

science-and-health-cover“During the current pandemic, many people around the world have turned to prayer. Research by Jeanet Bentzen, an economist at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, found that internet searches on prayer skyrocketed during the period of time when COVID-19 began to rapidly proliferate around the globe.

After analyzing data from Google searches across 95 countries, she found, “In March 2020, the share of Google searches for prayer surged to the highest level ever recorded, surpassing all other major events that otherwise call for prayer, such as Christmas, Easter, and Ramadan” (“In crisis, we pray: Religiosity and the COVID-19 pandemic,” CEPR Press, May 20, 2020).

People are praying for the general population of their own and other countries; for key workers, such as nurses, custodial staff, and grocery store clerks; for public health officials; and even for national recovery plans. But what is the best way to pray? Over several decades, I’ve found Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to be a wonderful resource, filled with practical ideas about how to pray—and how to pray specifically regarding disease.

Our present spiritual nature as God’s expression is a dependable basis for prayer that brings healing, as the first chapter in Science and Health, “Prayer,” brings out. Such prayer isn’t asking God for something we don’t have, but an awakening to what we already do have and what we forever are as God’s creation. True prayer isn’t repeating a set of words or pleading for God to intervene; it’s realizing and understanding present spiritual reality.

The book says, “Tell the sick that they can meet disease fearlessly, if they only realize that divine Love gives them all power over every physical action and condition” (p. 420). Going far beyond being a compendium of prayer techniques, Science and Health offers valuable insights into who and what we are as children of God and the dominion that this affords us over fear and illness. Whatever we face, we have the most powerful resource of all, God’s ever-present, never-failing love.”

Read or listen to the complete article by Lyle Young who also gives an example of healing prayer when he faced sickness whilst trying to return from Africa when flights were being cancelled here

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