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The Law of Love

What does it mean for Love to be a law? How we can put this law into operation and feel its healing effects for ourselves, for each other, and for the world?

The law of Love is the central theme of the Bible. It is the law that the ancient prophets caught wonderful glimpses of and which saved the ancient peoples of the Bible from disease, famine, slavery and enemy forces, when they turned to God. It is the law that impelled Christ Jesus’ healing ministry and which he taught his followers so they could heal too. This same law of Love is demonstrated in Christian Science healing today.

Come, and explore with us the healing power of this divine law of Love at an informal talk by Christian Science teacher and public speaker, Anne Melville.

The event is free. Everyone is invited. Childcare is available.

WHEN:          Wednesday, 13 November at 12.30 p.m.

WHERE:         First Church of Christ, Scientist, Canberra, 4 Bligh Street, Barton, ACT.   Get directions.

WHO:            Anne Melville, of Kaikohe, New Zealand, is a Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. She has also been serving as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for New Zealand since 2014. You can read more about her on her Meet the Lecturers Profile.

AUDIO CLIP — Interview with Anne Melville by Deb Packer



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Angry no more: from hurt to health through forgiveness

For those who have felt victimised by circumstances, trailed by a sad past, or who are marked by abuse, this lecture offers insights that neutralise pain and anger, and open the way to peace, forgiveness, restoration and progress.

This radio lecture, by Christian Science practitioner and teacher Michelle Nanouche, discusses the healing of emotional, mental and physical issues stemming from unhealed anger.

It was produced at Vision Australia Radio and broadcast by 1RPH Radio on Wednesday, 8 May at 1 p.m. and Monday, 13 May at 10.45 p.m. on 1125 AM Canberra, 89.5 FM Wagga Wagga, 99.5 FM Junee.

The podcast of the lecture is no longer available on this site.  It may be available for a limited period on Michelle Nanouche’s blog:


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Finding God, Finding Healthh

Is there a connection between prayer and health?

At one time or another, nearly everyone has asked, “What is God, really? Is God good? Does God allow evil to happen? Can I trust God to help me in time of need?” In this talk, Nanouche will discuss a view of God that Christian Science offers: a God who is divine good and only good;  a God who doesn’t punish His creation or send sickness and pain; a God who is knowable and completely discoverable through prayer. And she explains how this deeper awareness of God brings greater meaning and well-being into our lives.

The event is free. Everyone is invited.

WHERE:         Legislative Assembly Building, London Circuit, Canberra

WHEN:           Tuesday, 14 May, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.

WHO:             Michelle Nanouche has been a practitioner of Christian Science healing for many years, helping people on a daily basis through this scientific approach to prayer.  She travels from her home base in Paris, France, to speak to audiences around the world as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Michelle trained and practiced as a Christian Science Nurse for 10 years before changing her focus from nursing care to the prayer practice of Christian Science. She brings over 35 years of professional experience to her work as a practitioner of this healing method. 

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