Sexism in the Workplace Overcome   3 comments

Whole-souled and Unstoppable

An article by Virginia Anders from the Christian Science Sentinel

In one of my earliest jobs, I worked in a department where I was the only woman, and my colleagues took great delight in telling off-color jokes and making sexist remarks in my presence at staff meetings. My boss thought this was funny and joined in. I didn’t find any of it funny and became increasingly uncomfortable. 

When I applied for a promotion in my department, I was not even interviewed, although I was very well qualified for the position. …

In this article Virginia describes how, by gaining a better understanding of her true spiritual nature she was able to rise above a toxic workplace environment and eventually to say, …

My career went forward, and I eventually became the director of a large department with over a billion dollars of work. I never tried to become more like a man in order to express leadership, and I never felt I needed to compete for anything …

Click here to read the complete article originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.

3 responses to “Sexism in the Workplace Overcome

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  1. It is really sad how disrespectful the male colleagues can be towards a female co-worker. Some basic etiquettes need to be maintained at the place of work. Some people cannot excel in their endeavours just because they cannot put aside their male-centric ego and they end up getting doomed.
    We, women will slowly but surely gain all the success that we deserve, no one can snatch away our due.
    As we collectively battle such social evils that strain the social fabric we have an article on a similar topic


  2. Thank you for your comment and the link. I know I have experienced all of those and more. You could add mansplaining to the list! The world needs a good balance of male and female qualities and just now it seems we are not in balance. Endeavour that is less ego driven and kinder seems missing in many fields. I like the idea that we all have both male and female qualities. If this was recognised perhaps the physical package they come in wouldn’t matter so much … if at all.

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