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Photo and work by Alex Cook:

WHEN I WAS in my early 20’s, just out of college, I felt a deep personal responsibility to do something with my life that would make the world a better place.

……..I began to realize that I would never find my peace in a place or in my career. I began to see that I could only find answers to my questions through facing myself and learning more about God and my relationship to Him.

This marked the beginning of my real journey.

But during this time, I felt guided by the strong, prayerful conviction I had gained when my father passed on a couple of years earlier. Through my prayers at that time, I had heard the very clear communication from God: “Nothing has changed.” Even though the human picture had changed, I knew in my heart that to God nothing had changed—my father lived on because God was his Life. And I really felt the spiritual, eternal nature of life in a way I hadn’t before.

Over the next few years I prayed and listened for God’s guidance, gradually gaining confidence. Many times I looked to this line from Psalms for comfort and support: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” (139:14). That was talking about me!

As I prayed through this experience, I gained some valuable insights. First, that spiritual answers provide the only permanent solutions in life. Second, that trying to avoid problems rather than facing them is like being in school and refusing to do the homework. I would just keep staying in the same grade. I also learned that when I approached challenges with humble gratitude and joy, I was able to see, feel, and hear God much more clearly.

Slowly the depression and dark thoughts receded, and I began to feel a real sense of joy again….The murals I painted evolved from a personal venture into a community venture, involving whole neighborhoods. This was a career path I could never have outlined on my own. But it grew very naturally once I accepted my pure, Soul-inspired identity.

Ultimately, God is our Life. We can spend years and years searching out ways to give meaning to our lives. But until we see clearly that God, eternal Love, is our life, I don’t believe we will ever quite be home. When we do arrive at that understanding, we’ll see clearly that each life is eternal, precious, adventurous—and very much worth living.

Read many more helpful ideas in the entire article by Alex Cook from The Christian Science Sentinel here

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