Free Lecture – Save the Date: Demystifying Spiritual Healing   Leave a comment

The members of the Christian Science Church in Canberra are sponsoring a free community lecture by Beth Packer titled:

Demystifying Spiritual Healing

Date:  Sunday October 15, 2017

Time:  2.00 – 3.00 pm

Venue:  The Reception Room of the Legislative Assembly Building on London Circuit, Canberra City

Beth5ABeth grew up in a Christian Science family where healing was a normal part of life.  As she witnessed her mother’s healing work in the family she came to have a deep wish to be able to help others in this way.  Since 2005 Beth has devoted her life to being a full-time Christian Science healer.  Now as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship she has lectured around the world even in prisons in Africa and Asia.

Prior to 2005 she was an award-winning artist, a successful business woman, president of the local Chamber of Commerce and started a local newspaper.

Beth’s lecture is full of practical application and personal examples to demonstrate how spiritual healing is available to everyone.  She will show how it is based on spiritual laws that have always existed and when applied can bring health, harmony and well-being.  She says, “It was those years of putting into practice the truths that I’d grown up with, of healing through prayer the difficulties that can arise in family and public life, that really prepared me to be able to be of real use to those around me.”

If you are in Canberra on October 15, please join us.

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