The question of time and healing   1 comment

$ dreamstime_11095603“Now is the right time to listen, the day to be helped. Don’t put it off” 

The Message: (II Corinthians 6:2, Eugene Peterson). 

“What truly matters—what in fact is absolutely necessary—is a change of thought from materiality to spiritual Truth. And though this mental and spiritual transformation may take diligent as well as patient prayer, it never requires time.

We’re always thinking. And although at times it might take persistence to yield material thoughts for those that are more spiritual, it certainly requires no more time to think a true, spiritual thought than to entertain a false, limiting, or material one. Every moment we have a choice about what we allow ourselves to mentally entertain. So the question for us becomes, What are we paying attention to—what are we seeing, acknowledging, and accepting as real, powerful, and true here and now?…..

One response to “The question of time and healing

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  1. The ability to immediately go to prayer and the further acceptance of God and Spirit I find difficult at times. Prayer is not always my first method of defence – I still tend towards the material manifestation to overcome a ‘problem’; sometimes it seems to work other times it doesn’t, so I move along to a spiritual means of solving/overcoming a problem. The spiritual always works – so why the difficulty in overcoming the ‘expert’ solution ie the dentist, doctor, finance expert for example? Convenience perhaps – leave it to someone else – or maybe not knowing how to pray. Confidence in prayer has much to overcome when we are inundated almost hourly with the material means of ‘fixing’ things. There is a need I find to be continuously monitoring my thoughts and filtering the rubbish thoughts out as a means of mental survival.

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