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In this remarkable testimony of healing, Phillip Hockley tells of his instantaneous healing of multiple debilitating health conditions.  Phillip is now a full-time Christian Science healer and international speaker sharing the laws that make spiritual healing accessible to everyone.

phillip-hockleyI had decided to take the vows of a monk.  I accepted that there might not be long left for me in this life.  I devoted my days to spiritual devotional meditations.  This gave me strength, deeper and deeper peace—this despite my grave physical condition.

I used to be a ski instructor and a successful businessman.  I had two small companies, organising skiing trips and summer schools.  It was a long way from there to being registered as physically handicapped.  In my own words, I was “a basket case.” …

Then in the spring of 2001 I saw a poster advertising a local lecture.  It was about a woman I’d never heard of—Mary Baker Eddy.  I couldn’t understand why the idea of it wouldn’t go away.  I had no connection to or interest in this lady.  And I had no desire to learn anything about her.  Not to mention that the venue of the lecture was hard for me to access as a handicapped person.  But the idea still would not leave me.  It kept going round and round in my mind.  So in the end I decided to go to the lecture.Read more

This testimony, I Walked Out Healed, was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is now available on JHS-online.

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