Failure is Not an Option   Leave a comment

The Christian Science Church – a part of the Canberra community.  Members share testimonies and talk about their lives as Christian Scientists. 

$ dreamstime_8773437This article, Failure is Not an Option, is by Matthew who is a member of the Christian Science Church in Canberra.  He tells of how he used his understanding of the principles of Christian Science to overcome self-doubt at work.

The thought of failure terrified me I was often anxious about making mistakes, falling short of people’s expectations, and even getting into trouble.  At first, this manifested itself in small ways, like desperately wanting to be selected for school sports teams and, after being selected, worrying that I wasn’t good enough to be on the team.  Eventually these thoughts became habit and later dramatically affected my attitude and performance at work.  For example, when I felt ready to progress to a higher level, fear of failing would prevent me from taking the next step.   … Read more …

This article was first published in the Christian Science Journal and is now available on JHS-online. 

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