Halting Hatred   Leave a comment

nathan-talbotA Christian Science Perspective by Nathan Talbot

– First published in the Christian Science Monitor on 26 February 2016

How we see the world around us depends on our view of reality.

When an average person looks across a room, they may say they see mainly empty space – except for some furniture and a wall on the other side. But if a natural scientist puts on their “physicist hat,” they “see” much more. Their background and training enables them to see or understand “particles and fields,” for example.

I’ve often wondered what Christ Jesus must have seen in the environment of his day. The four Gospels indicate he saw a world far different from what we see with the physical senses. He saw deeply into the reality that is spiritual. The Bible says that “God is love” (I John 4: 16).  And the evidence is clear that Jesus saw the omnipotence and allness of God, divine Love, everywhere.

This understanding enabled him to heal lepers and those who were blind or paralyzed and to rise from the grave after forgiving those who put him on the cross. The great fact that God is Love is a revelation, a dawning of reality in consciousness. And it enables us to see more of the spiritual truth that can result in healing, even of hatred.  … Read more …

In this article, Halting Hatred, Nathan describes how viewing world events with a spiritual perspective can have an effective healing outcome.  Nathan Talbot is a full-time healer and a teacher of Christian Science healing.

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