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 shutterstock_173038460A Christian Science Perspective by Susan C Stark

– First Published in the Christian Science Monitor on 6 April 2016.

Sometimes the extreme needs of people in war-torn or devastated areas bring forth unique solutions and amazing kindnesses.  Some wonderful examples are in the Monitor editorial “Unsung heroes who rescue Syria’s refugees” ( …

Letting Love direct us, we discover a wonderful freedom from the opinion that there isn’t enough money, time, or talent to do anything meaningful to solve problems.  We may find that much can be accomplished with surprisingly few material resources as we begin to understand that God, Spirit, is the source of unlimited spiritual good.  The more we love, the more conscious we are of God, divine Love, leading the way, opening up new avenues for good.  Merciful, unselfish love derived from God takes away fear, or the belief that our supply is dependent on how many or how few material things we have.  … Read more …

In this article, Love That Finds Solutions, Susan Stark, explores how a larger sense of Love can enable us to find solutions to problems that would otherwise seem too big or too dire.

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