Easter and the Most Important Thing We Could Ever Know   Leave a comment

allison-phinney[1]… There’s much that is appealing about Easter time even for people who aren’t sure what they think about the Bible’s account of Jesus’ resurrection.

But there is a great deal more to Easter than the way it is generally observed.  More is involved even than a religious faith in life after death.  The Easter message tells of the true nature of our lives right now.

If we feel buried in some impossible mess, Easter has much to say to us.  It tells us that we can do better, that we can find a way out and a way to go forward. Read more …

This article, Easter and the Most Important Thing We Could Ever Know, by Allison (Skip) W. Phinney Jr was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available on JHS-online.  In it Skip talks about Jesus’ message to the world that man is truly spiritual – a message that was proved by his resurrection.

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