Mastering the Fear of Aging   Leave a comment

shutterstock_88373215by Jack Kavanagh

The effects of aging are prominently portrayed in our society, in television ads, movies, newspaper accounts, all repeating the general belief that we decline as we age.

One specific claim is that as time’s chronometer spins on, we become too old to participate in things such as challenging athletic endeavors.  We’re asked to accept the notion that some physical activities become too hard for us as older people.  This depressing belief has a sneaky companion: “Competing in sporting events is only for young people.”  My recent experiences gave me the opportunity to disprove these claims, through the understanding I’ve gained from Christian Science about God and how He has created us.   Read more …

This article, Mastering the Fear of Aging by Jack Kavanagh, was originally published in the Christian Science Journal.  It is now available on JHS-online through this link.  In it Jack describes his experience as a ‘masters’ sportsman competing in a challenging open water swim.  He explains the thoughts that saved him when fear and circumstances tried to overwhelm him.

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