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If You Look in the Right Place   Leave a comment

shutterstock_136632281If you’re looking for an object, and you look all over your house, search in your car, and retrace your steps, but you don’t look where the object is, you will not find it. That seems plain enough, but what about when you’re looking for peace, happiness, security, supply, companionship, purpose, meaning, joy, etc.? We often look to people, to places, to money, to jobs, and to our own prowess for fulfillment. Yet we’re simply not looking in the right places. …New SH (2)

During my high school years, … I became more and more depressed and resigned to the fact that I would never find happiness or peace or truth, that there was no meaning to our existence. I knew real meaning was not in the material things we have or do, or even in the people we love. I knew it had to be more, something deep within but bigger than us. Yet I could not find it. … Read more …

This article, If You Look in the Right Place by Sue Oaks, was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available on JHS-online.  In it Sue describes how she overcame severe depression and thoughts of suicide by reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and pondering on and using the ideas it presents.

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I Refuse to Choose Insanity   Leave a comment


Ginny’s story …

… For years, I had mulled over the thought that I had a multiple personality and did not know if there even was a “real” me. Medically, I had been diagnosed as manic-depressive, and I had already worked up a suicide plan that would look like an accident. … Read more …

In this article, I Refuse to Choose Insanity, which was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel, Ginny Nilsen explains how her life was restored by her gradual awakening to her true spiritual identity.  This spiritual shift in perspective brought lasting peace, happiness and a deeper sense of satisfaction.

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