A Spiritual Approach to Anxiety and Depression   Leave a comment

shutterstock_162594128 (2)I was reading the newspaper last summer when these sentences made me sit up: “According to the World Health Organization, the disease that robs the most adults of the most years of productive life is not AIDS, not heart disease, not cancer. It is depression” (Tina Rosenberg, “Fighting Depression, One Village at a Time,” The New York Times, July 18, 2012). And while the options for treatment are many, I also learned that the number of individuals taking prescription drugs for depression or anxiety is also on the rise. …

We all deserve to feel settled and able to approach our day with dominion and peace. …

Is it possible to cure anxiety and depression, without the use of drugs?

A friend of mine recently began to suffer from the effects of severe anxiety and was very discouraged to hear her doctor advise her to start taking an antidepressant. She is not one to turn quickly to medication, so in talking with me, she wondered if there was another way. My friend knew that I had once gained complete relief from severe symptoms of anxiety through a spiritual approach, and she asked me how I coped without the use of drugs. I shared with her the metaphysical treatment that I followed, and how it might apply to others seeking relief: …. continue reading …

This article, A Spiritual Approach to Anxiety and Depression by Susan Trish, was originally published in the Christian Science Monitor.  It is now available on christianscience.com.  In it Susan talks about the mental alertness she fostered that allowed her to detect and defeat negative thoughts, how she found gratitude an invaluable help and how she finally learned to love her self more as she realized her true spiritual identity.


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