Who Do You Think You Are?   Leave a comment

$ dreamstime_1162870That’s a question we’ve undoubtedly all heard before.  While it can be delivered with an accusatory or confrontational undertone, the question itself is a provocative one that we all must grapple with at some point in our life.  To answer it honestly requires some real digging into the heart of one’s spiritual identity.  …  When for instance, 26 years ago, at the end of a long battle with alcohol dependency, I knew I had a choice: to die, or live and raise my children.  In my heart, I knew I had to get well. I couldn’t abandon my children,  …   I somehow knew that this frail, ill woman I seemed to be was not me at all. …  read more …

In this article, Who Do You Think You Are?, Susan Best Gualandi describes her spiritual growth that led her to finally say:  At last, I know who I am.  The article was originally published in the Christian Science Journal and is now available on JHS-online.

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