Weight Loss Though Prayer   Leave a comment

shutterstock_124859764Ever since elementary school, I’d been preoccupied with food and my weight, and this had cast a shadow on my life. It was difficult for me to eat anything without first estimating its caloric content, and then either feeling virtuous or guilty as I consumed it. Yet I was still overweight, and my pudgy appearance made me miserable.  …

… …

…  The freedom I feel now is incredible. …  I stopped classifying myself as someone with a weight problem who needed to diet. I began to recognize my right to normality as a child of God, and as a result, I lost weight. Even better, I discovered that the happiness I thought would come only with slimness was mine all along, simply as a child of God.

The complete text of this article by Melanie A. Wahlberg can be read by clicking this link to JHS-online.  In it she describes the spiritualization of thought that brought about this permanent healing.

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