What Really Needs Losing?   Leave a comment

There are some things that diets just can’t do.

shutterstock_125803505Commercials are continually advertising weight-loss products. But the ongoing demand for new ones suggests that they may not be all that effective. …

…While I was growing up, I always felt a little overweight—not very attractive, and not as athletic as my peers. I also felt unable to moderate my eating habits and often over-indulged. …

… I’d often felt before, that dieting required denial. But refusing to accept a view of myself as helpless, material—going on a kind of “spiritual diet”—did not deny me anything good. Rather, it helped me find more of it in my life.

The full text of this article can be read on JHS-online by clicking this link.  In it the author talks in detail about how her thought and life were transformed.

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