The Biggest Revelation of My Life – My Road to Freedom From an Eating Disorder   Leave a comment

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While I’d never considered myself a vain person, I was a dancer, and I’d unknowingly allowed negative aspects of the dance world to change the way I viewed myself. I felt powerful controlling my weight and seeing my body get thinner. My weight loss over those past few months had been dramatic, but I was in denial. I was confused about living and eating normally. What I thought was “slim and healthy” really pointed to a dangerous lifestyle. I felt empty, always searching for that elusive “enough.” It was if I’d swum out too far in the ocean and couldn’t tread water much longer …

Read the full text of this article, The Biggest Revelation of My Life, by Sarah Matusek where she describes how she overcame a severe eating disorder through spiritualization of thought which led to an awakening to her true spiritual identity.

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