Breaking the Hypnotic Grip of Weight Loss   Leave a comment

shutterstock_125579528During the last years of high school I started looking and feeling rather plump. Body weight, food, diets, exercise plans, and counting calories were popular topics, and I tended to follow the crowd because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do and be.

Now that I look back on all the talk about the body and diets at the time, I realize that this is what weighed heavily on my thought and made me feel fat. …

…  …

… By the end of college, I no longer talked about my weight. With no interest on my part, there was no attraction to this sort of conversation. My weight normalized and no longer fluctuated, with no overeating or undereating.

The full text of this article by Cheryl F. M. Petersen can be read on JHS-online by clicking the link.  In it Cheryl describes her spiritual growth that led to this new understanding of herself and her permanent release from worry about weight.

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