News of Healing – Victory Over Excessive Eating   Leave a comment

$ dreamstime_11561148… For many years I had a great desire to master excessive eating. Although I knew that dieting was not spiritually scientific, at two different times (some years ago) I did go on a rigid diet. In each case there was a weight loss that lasted only as long as I ate just the specified foods. As soon as old eating habits were resumed, the weight was regained.

After the second such experience, I resolved to gain my dominion through spiritual means or not at all. …

The weight loss … continued gradually over a period of six to eight months. I am now wearing clothes that are three sizes smaller than my previous size, and I have maintained this reduced weight for over two years.


The full article by Virginia Crebbin can be read on JHS-online by following this link.  In it Virginia explains the spiritual insights that led to her weight loss.

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