Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy and Childbirth   Leave a comment


shutterstock_123096175Anticipating the arrival of a baby is such a happy time for expectant parents. And frankly, I’ve always been grateful that you have about nine months to prepare!

With each of our three children, I used those months to study and pray in order to welcome them into our lives. I also worked with a Christian Science practitioner, who supported my prayers and offered guidance along the way, as well as specific prayer-based treatment for any issues that came up.

Understanding metaphysical concepts related to pregnancy and childbirth is an important exercise for any spiritual thinker, whether mother or father, grandparent, adoptive parent, or even someone who isn’t ever planning to have children. Considering birth from a spiritual perspective opens thought to God’s grand creation, preparing us for newness, vitality, and a fuller understanding of God as divine Life—as our only creator.  Read on …

Click here to read the full text of this article, Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy and Childbirth  by Ingrid Peschke.  It was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel and is now available on JHS-online.

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