Our Sweet Dairy Cow – Healed on Easter Morning   Leave a comment


images92FTNPATIt was a glorious and sunning Easter morning after a long Minnesota winter about ten years ago.  As I headed out the door to the barn, I burst into song:

Let us sing of Easter gladness / That rejoices every day, / Sing of hope and faith uplifted; / Love has rolled the stone away. (Frances Thompson Hill, Christian Science Hymnal, No.413).

It was one of my favorite hymns, and I had been up early, not only putting the holiday dinner together but praying an studying to learn more of our immortality, exemplified by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  My prayers had been uplifting and fulfilling, but my steps slowed as I approached the barn because all had not been well there.

Several weeks before, Cassie, one of our 30 dairy cows, had experienced a difficult time birthing, and was unable to get up following the birth.  In dairy terms she was what was called a “downer”, and although that was a rare condition on our farm, we had never had a downer cow that survived.  … Read more

Click here to read how Debby Miller prayed and reasoned spiritually to resolve this situation which resulted in her loved cow being restored to full health. This article was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available through JHS-online.

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