A Diet You Can Stick To   1 comment

$ dreamstime_7231262Listen to this recording of a live audio chat with  Evan Mehlenbacher a Christian Science healer and teacher.

In this wide-ranging chat, Evan answers questions on a variety of issues related to food and body image. Some of these issues include how to eat a sensible and balanced diet; turning to specifically outlined diets and exercise for one’s health and fitness; dealing with diabetes, food allergies, self-destructive overeating, and bariatric or weight-loss surgery; vegetarianism; food’s influence on athletic performance; and how the media can negatively influence one’s body image and eating habits.

“So many people have concerns, worries, and anxieties about what they eat,” Evan says. “We’re basically living on a diet of fear, and this is not healthy. There’s got to be a better way. I think the better way is a more spiritually minded approach to realize we’re really not what we eat. What we are is what God has made us to be in the first place, which is a whole, perfect, complete, fit, beautiful, under-control being.”

Click this link to hear more about how this spiritual approach can make all the difference on these issues and bring healing.

One response to “A Diet You Can Stick To

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  1. I love the idea about not being fearful about food. So freeing!

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