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shutterstock_171402770A ten-year study involving thousands of older people explored a number of aging-related issues. Some surprisingly upbeat findings were published in its summary. The Los Angeles Times said the study “debunks a number of myths including the common belief that genetics are destiny, and physical and mental deterioration are coded into our genes. In fact, say the authors, the influence of genetics shrinks with the years while lifestyle choices become increasingly important in shaping the quality of later life” (May 18,1998). Among the most important lifestyle changes they recommend: engaging in activities and cultivating new friends.

Anything that pushes back limits and discloses more of man’s capacity is worth nothing … Read more …

This article by Channing Walker was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available on line at JHS-online.  In it Walker examines the link between spirituality and healthy longevity.

2 responses to “Fresh Perspectives on Aging

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  1. Great article. What is true never ages.BK

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  2. It is the transition to overcoming the “social or psychological techniques drawn from the arsenal of a youth-obsessed culture.” that requires moving beyond the mortal ‘mind power’ and ‘self-help’ culture to acceptance of the eternal Spirit, whereby the understanding of spiritual growth is through unfoldment rather than accretion, that aging/genetics/inability-to-change beliefs will be overcome. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. This is the constancy with which we can overcome the transient mortal ‘techniques’ available on the library bookshelves. Constant prayer and vigilant watchfulness to subscribe to an ever present Principle (God) to overcome the mortal perceptions so inherent in everyday life can be ascribed to – it is the willingness to accept the challenge and undertake the responsibility to fulfil the challenge that is to be admired.

    Thank you for your efforts in maintaining and developing this site.

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