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Weekly Bible Lesson:  29 December 2014 – 4 January 2015

Subject:  God

God title JPEGThe Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, have been designated the Pastors of Christian Science.  They are our only preachers.

Each Sunday Christian Science churches around the world share the same sermon on one of 26 topics. The sermon consists of readings from the Bible followed by passages from the textbook that explain and corroborate the Bible texts.  The world-wide community of Christian Scientists study these passages during the week prior to each Sunday and endeavor to use the spiritual truths contained therein to enrich and heal their lives.

This recording represents the Lesson for the week 29 December – 4 January on the subject:  God.



Celebrate a lasting gift that’s good for your health   Leave a comment

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“Nothing lasts forever”, so the saying goes. But often we wish people, places, or customs would stay the same. We like the familiar. It’s reassuring. Change can be upsetting. Yet when life-changes occur – especially at Christmas, it’s possible to celebrate a lasting gift that’s good for your health.


Change happens

Over the course of my life I’ve seen many changes – including Christmas celebrations. As a child, I’d wake to find gifts mysteriously left on my bed. My family enjoyed a traditional English roast dinner, ate hot plum pudding and sang songs about snow and sleigh-rides – even on a scorching summer’s day.

Years later, the lovingly-wrapped presents and delicious food took a back seat, as the ever-growing extended family sought to maintain contact and spend time together. Today, cultural diversity has altered the landscape of Christmas in Australia, and a more relaxed life-style has led to barbecues and family celebrations at the beach.



  • To enjoy life, embrace change as it comes.
  • If loved family traditions change, or the way special events such as Christmas are celebrated, don’t be sad. Stay buoyant. Be happy.
  • Don’t focus on greeting cards, gifts or a special meal. These outward symbols come and go. It’s the  heartfelt love and caring you give to, and receive from, others that lasts.
  • Each day unwrap the gift of hopefulness, harmony and peace of mind. This leads to experiencing more good things in your life – including better health.

Changes at home

On the home-front, special occasions like Christmas, can be tinged with sadness, regret and loneliness. Loved ones may have either passed-on, or moved to places far away. These changes may try to cast a shadow over our celebrations and happy home.


  • To overcome the stress of change on the home-scene, think about the beautiful qualities that a home represents – happiness, harmony, love, caring, security and shelter. These spiritual mind-qualities are lasting. Best of all, like the humble snail, take your sense of home with you wherever you go.
  • “Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections.” Science and Health p. 58, Mary Baker Eddy.

Unwrap a lasting gift – hope, health, harmony

Exchanging gifts continues to be important in many cultures and faith traditions. One gift that has been remembered for centuries and celebrated every December, is the birth of Christ Jesus.  For many people, his advent unwrapped the lasting gift of hope, health, harmony and the love of a divine Father that constantly nurtures and companions everyone.


  • Consider reading the much loved Christmas nativity story – Bible, Luke, Chapter 2. Let it comfort, inspire, encourage and strengthen you with its enduring message of hope for peace and goodwill in homes and among nations.
  • Celebrate the lasting gift of hope, health and harmony all year round. In the face of life-changes, it’s good for your health.

This article, Celebrate a lasting gift that’s good for your health, by Beverly Goldsmith was originally published on her blog site, Spirituality and Health Connect.   Beverly is a Melbourne-based health writer who provides a diversity of health content on how spirituality and thought affect health.

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