The Importance of Gratitude to Wellbeing   Leave a comment

shutterstock_162594128 (2)… knees seem to be in the news quite a lot lately. … Injuries and deterioration of joints, along with knee replacements, are also said to be prevalent in older adults.

Instead of blindly accepting these negative predictions, I like to take a more spiritual view, from which joints symbolize the coincidence or coordination of productive ideas for the purpose of progress. And isn’t progress what we all want for ourselves and our fellow man? …

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to pray about a painful knee injury resulting from a fall while hiking, and the ensuing spiritual lessons learned in God’s “classroom” have established a new foundation for athletic activity in my experience.  …

The full text of this article, Of ‘Joints and Marrow’ by Melanie Ball, can be read via this link to JHS-online.  In it she explains her thinking as she worked spiritually to solve her problems of pain and limited mobility, and was able to return to her normally active life which included regular running.

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