A Lesson in Body Perception   Leave a comment

$ dreamstime_1427005My freshman year of college, I joined the varsity baseball team. By the time winter came around and we were getting ready for the start of the season, I felt a personal pressure about my weight. If I was heavier and more muscular, I thought, I’d be able to perform better on the field. At the time, I was just over 130 pounds and that seemed subpar for my standards.

So in order to put on extra weight, I started hitting the gym to put on more muscle and I also ate more at each meal. I would eat full meals and top them off with two or three glasses of milk. A couple of times, I overfilled myself to the point that I ended up losing what I’d eaten within five minutes. I certainly was not expressing balance, moderation, or honoring God, divine Principle.

It became clear to me that I needed to take a different approach.

Continue reading Eric’s story.  Learn how, as he developed a spiritual sense of himself, he was able to overcome his eating disorder and find balance and order in his life.  This article was originally published on time4thinkers.com.


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