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$ dreamstime_4240831During my freshmen year in college, I began to adopt an extremely rigid lifestyle that included a strict diet and a daily, rigorous physical workout. Within a five-month period, my weight dropped to an alarming point for a 5 feet 8 inch nineteen-year-old. The abnormality of my weight was indicated by the loss of my menstrual cycle as well. Yet even though I wore a size four or six, when I looked in the mirror I would think, “I’m too fat.” …

… With the increased spiritual understanding I was gaining came freedom from the eating disorder. I was completely healed, and all the natural bodily functions returned to normal. …

Since this healing some twenty years ago, I have maintained a normal weight for an active, working mother of four children. …

The full-text of this article, Free From Fear of Food by Louise Snead, was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available at JHS-online.  Click here to read how this writer over came her eating disorder through spiritual growth and a clearer understanding or her true identity.

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