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$ dreamstime_8446083I don’t remember brooding over my looks at a young age. I was a happy kid, liked sports, and had plenty of friends. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I began trying to lose weight.  Suffice it to say that years of battling the bulge through willpower didn’t have the desired effect. Finally, though, I did drop to a more normal weight for me as I began making more of an effort to grow spiritually. From my experience, I found that although changing one’s physical appearance does give some temporary satisfaction, it’s never the lasting contentment that spiritual growth offers.

This isn’t an argument for living with a condition that bothers you, such as excessive weight. It is an argument for thinking through what needs to change, mentally, in order to find enduring happiness, rather than just trying to adjust things on the outside. A couple of points seem crucial for moving forward with this kind of mental change. …Read more …

This article, Toward a Better Body Image, by Margaret Rogers was originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel.  It is currently available on line at JHS-online.

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