Alive with “vigor, freshness, and promise”   Leave a comment

sentinel-radio-edition_small[1]Each week the Christian Science Sentinel Radio Program is broadcast around the world.  It includes interviews with people who have been healed through prayer and spiritualisation of thought. 

In this broadcast, Alive with “vigor, freshness, and promise, people talk about how they have relied effectively on prayer to resolve problems related to aging.

You may know someone well along in years who expresses the kind of vigor and health that’s usually associated with youth. But the tendency is to see this as more the exception than the rule. Yet the Bible points to identity that’s vastly more than what the physical senses recognize. It indicates that the real being of each individual is the ageless image of God. Hear how this Bible-based view of who we are can help in overcoming age-related troubles.  Click here to listen to this 30 minute program.

If you live in the ACT or the Queanbeyan, Wagga Wagga areas of NSW then you can tune into these broadcasts each Wednesday at 1.00 pm on RPH radio 1125 AM.  The radio program for the current week can always be accessed free of charge via this link:  Christian Science Sentinel Radio Program.


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